The light.

We are driven by what we are from our inside. Similar to a car is moved by engine and fuel from the inside of the engine, the same we are moved by the soul and its content. The wisest book in the world, tells us that from the deep of our heart we speak, so that means from the deep of our heart we take actions. What you have in your heart, our heart should be understood as our soul, so, what we have in our soul, namely that will come out to in our speech and facts.

These days, plain of everything, we are witnesses of revealing what is inside us. The though to think about, picked up from bible Luke 11.35 “Therefore, take heed that the light which is in you is not darkness”. The word of God remains the pure, untouched and reveal the truth, the only truth while everything is infected, mass media, governors' promise and actions, business community responsibility, citizen's faith, people's actions and last one, our earth. The only light may guide us to remain safe and save our soul, our sight, our heart and finally our life, is God’s word, and there is not a religious post or religious appeal. The world should take the lesson and turn to wisdom. Do the research. Filter what your eye consumes through the truth.

We can’t stay safe without stay wise. Let’ me turn it like this we need to be wise to stay safe and protected.



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